Brake firmware

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Brake firmware

Post by bch36 »

1. Is it a problem to install firmware containing the new bi-stable brake system on a platform that doesn't have brakes?

2. If one of the new BBS operational states is commanded on a platform that doesn't have the proper firmware, what will occur? I'm assuming a COMM_FAULT_UI_UNKOWN_CMD? (BTW, typo there in "UNKNOWN")


Re: Brake firmware

Post by sdnalloh »

  1. Firmware containing the new Brake system *can* be installed on RMPs without brakes. The firmware looks at the serial number of the platform to determine if it has brakes. If a system doesn't have brakes, the firmware does not send commands to the brake board and does not expect commands from the brake board.
  2. The RMP does *not* error when receiving an invalid mode transition request. Non-balancing platforms ignore Balance Mode requests. Balancing platforms ignore Tractor Mode requests.

    All requests that result in a powering off *are* received and executed, however the step that would result in the brakes being engaged or disengaged is ignored on systems without brakes. So, for an RMP without brakes, PowerDown (brakes engaged) and PowerOff (brakes disengaged) both have the same effect: the RMP decelerates, transitions to Standby Mode, and powers off.

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