Segway 50XL Aux Power LED

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Segway 50XL Aux Power LED

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I use the auxilliary 12V to power up a contact closure circuit and a hokuyo laser. When I turn on the aux power, the indicator LED turns red and always stays red. I wonder if the light is always red, or there is a problem somewhere and does not turn to green.



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Re: Segway 50XL Aux Power LED

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The red indicator LED next to the toggle switch on an RMP 50XL (with Auxiliary Power Module) represents the SOC (state of charge) of the auxiliary battery. This LED is mono color and will remain illuminated red when powered 'ON' and will decrease in brightness as the SOC decreases. In this instance, 'red' means the aux power SOC is okay and does not indicate a problem. This indicator LED is connected to LED_5 of the ABB (auxiliary battery board) LED interface. Please refer to section 3.2.1 of the "RMP Auxiliary Battery Board Interface Guide" as it explains the LED interface in detail.

Chris Crimmins

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