Where do I find “canlib.h” to run “io_rmp_kvaser.cpp”?

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Where do I find “canlib.h” to run “io_rmp_kvaser.cpp”?

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The canlib.h file is part of the software driver package from Kvaser that is used to run their CAN communication adapter. Therefore, it can be obtained from Kvaser, either by downloading and installing the Kvaser drivers for the particular piece of Kvaser hardware, or by contacting Kvaser’s technical support staff. We do not include it with our package of RMP software because since it is developed and managed by a 3rd party (Kvaser) we can’t control or be responsible for it. Furthermore, Kvaser is just one of dozens of companies that make CAN communication adapters. RMP customers are free to use whichever CAN adapter they wish, just like they are free to use whichever brand of laptop they wish. Providing the Kvaser drivers and install software would be akin to providing drivers and install support for a Dell Inspiron 4000 PC. If we did that but it wouldn’t help someone using a Lenovo or HP laptop.
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