Hobby Radio with Custom OCU Software

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Hobby Radio with Custom OCU Software

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We have a Segway RMP 440 LE configured with the Hobby Radio and an on-board processor communicating with the CCU via UDP. Our in house code sends the TRACTOR mode command successfully and the CCU transitions into TRACTOR mode. However, within 1 second the CCU transitions back into STANDBY mode without being commanded to do so by our in house interface code. At this point, the CCU ignores the motion commands (as expected in STANDBY mode). This behavior occurs with the Spectrum radio powered on or off.

With the Spectrum powered on, I can manually transition the CCU back to TRACTOR mode using the radio and witness the platform execute the previously sent motion commands. If the hobby radio receiver is electrically disconnected, the CCU transitions to TRACTOR mode and executes the commands as expected.

Is this the intended behavior when commanding the CCU from the Hobby Radio and Ethernet interfaces? Does there exist a method to have both interfaces available at the same time?

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Re: Hobby Radio with Custom OCU Software

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The RMP user interface processor will accept commands over one interface at a time. You should not attempt to use multiple communications interfaces at the same time as this will create issues like you described.

It sounds as if the "safe" state settings for the hobby radio receiver may be why the RMP is transitioning to Standby Mode. I would expect a receiver that is connected to the hobby radio interface to be in it's "safe" state when the transmitter power is off.

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