Powering External Devices - Maximum Wattage

RMP 210, 220, 440LE, 440SE, 440 Omni
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Powering External Devices - Maximum Wattage

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We have an RMP 440 Omni and are powering external devices from the power leads from the 56-pin Connector I. The manual states that we can get specs about available power from the 72 Volt Micro Family Vicor DC-DC Regulator data sheet. There are four pairs of leads from Connector I available to provide power to external devices -- does each pair of leads correspond to an independent power converters, or are they shared from a single power converter? This was a long winded way of asking...what is the maximum wattage available to power external devices? Thanks!


Re: Powering External Devices - Maximum Wattage

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Each voltage goes through its own power converter. The first pair of wires (red and green) is usually 12VDC. The other two pairs (purple and yellow) are usually 5VDC. On the 440 Omni, the last pair of wires (blue and black) is unused.

Note that when drawing more than 10 Amps over 5VDC, make sure you use both pairs of wires. Drawing more than 10 Amps over a single pair of wires could cause the pins in the connector to get too hot and could damage the connector.

All of this auxiliary power is drawn from the single auxiliary battery, which has a total of 380 Watt-hours of capacity. Note that this battery also powers the electronics inside the enclosure (CCU, ABB, and SCB boards), which draw approximately 16 Watts total.

Code: Select all

Converter   Max. Watts
  5 VDC       100 W
 12 VDC       150 W
 24 VDC       150 W
 36 VDC       150 W
 48 VDC       150 W
The table above shows how many Watts each power converter can handle.

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