need. rex files for rmp100

RMP 50, 50XL, 100, 200, 400
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need. rex files for rmp100

Post by AlfredoDs »

I needed to update the drivers for my rmp 100 so i got a link to
RMP 50XL Release (09-18-13): 3051
Topic, i just misaunderstood something and updated the powervase firmware, that i shouldnt do, now i need to reinstall the correct powerbase firmware for rmp 100.

Where can i get the, rex file for rmp10

I installed the following updates:

And now i need the rmp 100 bin and rex files

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Re: need. rex files for rmp100

Post by ChrisC »

A unique .rex file is needed to correct the issue. Segway will generate the file and send it to you.

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