Magnetic field/gauss generation?

RMP 210, 220, 440LE, 440SE, 440 Omni
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Magnetic field/gauss generation?

Post by bch36 »

Does we have numbers, even ballpark, of how many gausses (if that's the right measure) the platform generates? Under heavy load versus resting? Measured as close to the motors as possible, or perhaps a foot or two away?

We're trying to get a feel of how it will affect a compass, and a gyro vendor is asking for some numbers so he can advise us on their products.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Magnetic field/gauss generation?

Post by sdnalloh »

We have not tested the RMPs to determine what strength magnetic field they produce.

The motors do use magnetic fields to function, the field is very low (exact measurement not yet determined). The field is further dampened because the motor is inside the aluminum chassis.

One test that we have performed is Magnetic Field Immunity. This is the opposite of what you're looking for, where the RMP tested to make sure it isn't affected by magnetic fields (e.g. power lines).

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