RMP 50XL Release (09-18-13): 3051

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RMP 50XL Release (09-18-13): 3051

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This release contains updated drivers and applications, including a new version of the RMI demo and a new Deuce board loading application. The newest application versions have been tested with windows XP up to windows 7.

The updates:
  1. Critical bug fix to correct uninitialized pointer from corrupting feedback data in the RMP firmware.
  2. Added Auxiliary battery SOC, current and status to feedback data.
  3. Newest USB driver allows for virtual COM communication with the platform as well as the Universal Serial Bus Controller. Also now works with 64-bit versions of Windows.
  4. New version of RMI demo with source code: Uses USB or CAN, converts feedback to engineering units, compatible with Visual Studio 10, many other improvements.
  5. RMP.exe no longer exists, replaced with Segway RMP Deuce Loader Utility.exe. Fixed compatibility issues.

Here are some basic instructions for upgrading your platform:

All of the files mentioned are in the .zip file attached below
  1. Update the drivers by going into the device manager with the RMP connected and find the RMP Mobility Platform device and update the driver by right clicking, browsing to the “RMP_DEUCE_USB_DRIVER” folder in this directory
  2. [list=a]
  3. Instructions found in the file “Important_Documentation\USB Driver update.doc”

[*]Only required if you do not have Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributable installed or DirectX.[/*]
  1. Install the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Redistributable found in the “Microsoft_Redistributables”
  2. [list=i]
  3. vcredist_x86.exe version for 32-bit PC’s
  4. vcredist_x64.exe version for 64-bit PC’s
[*]Install the newest version of DirectX found in the “Important_Documentation” directory
  1. Run directx_Jun2010_redist.exe
  2. Extract the installer to a location.
  3. Go to the location and run DXSETUP.exe

[*] Follow the instructions in “Important_Documentation\Firmware Update.pdf” to upgrade the platform to firmware version “Platform_Firmware\cu_flash.2013-09-18.3051.rex”[/*]

[*]New feedback for aux battery equipped systems is identified in “Important_Documentation\RMP50XL Feedback Data.doc”[/*]

[*]You can now run the new demo with USB or CAN on any version of windows XP or higher. It is compatible with an XBOX 360 controller[/*]
  1. Left trigger is deadman switch
  2. Left joystick is for/aft velocity
  3. Right joystick if left/right turn

The DLLs in the folder must be located with the executables if they are moved to another location.
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