How do I drive an RMP Omni?

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How do I drive an RMP Omni?

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You'll need two USB ports to talk to the RMP Omni (some laptops need a powered usb hub since the RMP is a high current USB device).

I've attached the demo code for the Omni machine. You'll need a windows machine to run RMI_demo_usb.exe

In this order:
1. Boot your PC with gamepad joystick attached
2. Connect the USB cables
3. Power the RMP bases
4. Execute the RMI_demo_usb.exe
5. Go to the "front base" pull down and select the identified base.

The two joysticks on your gamepad should be active. The left joystick controls one powerbase and the right controls the other powerbase.
You create the sideways motion by driving the two powerbases into each other or away from each other. The resulting force vector creates a
"propeller" action to cause sideways motion. By adjusting the relative speed of the bases you can create sideways, diagonal or circle strafing motion.
Craig Shaffer
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