Lag time when switching modes

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Lag time when switching modes

Post by ChrisC »

A system integrator noted that when a they issues a command to change modes on the rmp440 there's a bit of dead time while it's switching modes. It will ignore the next command sent when commanded to change from standby to tractor mode. An attempt to create a work around for the issue buy putting in a sleep command was made but is there a better way?

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Re: Lag time when switching modes

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I keep sending NONE commands and evaluate the response, until the mode swicth was successfull. I do this for all configuraiton changes. However, care mus tobviously be taken, that commands are not sent too ofaten. The spec says that the maximum rate at wich commands can be sent to the paltform is 100Hz.



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Re: Lag time when switching modes

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That is the appropriate way to do it if you need to know the transition time. The reason there is a time lag is because the speed limit is brought to zero at the configured decel to zero rate before the transition is allowed to occur.
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