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Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:13 pm
by brittjh
We have an RMP440LE that has been connected to and charging via the "External Power Supply" for several days now, and all batteries appeared to have been in balance mode. This morning the Charger Status LED for battery 3 was red. The Segway would turn off shortly after being powered on (E-stop was not engaged). The Fault Log indicated "CRITICAL_FAULT_CHECK_STARTUP" (fault log attached), with Data[0] being 0x00000004, which I believe is "Low battery voltage - attempt to charge system". I restarted the "External Power Supply" and the Charger Status LED for battery 3 became solid green and charging.

After letting it charge for 3 hours, battery three is still solid green, however the Segway will now turn on.

As a side note I also updated the files on the Segway using the latest version of the bootloader and the OCU (config file) after pulling the fault log, but the same issue persisted.

Has anyone experienced this problem before, or know if this is indicative of an issue with either the battery of the External Power Supply?