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SCB Firmware Release

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 4:28 pm
by sdnalloh
Segway has released updated firmware for the Smart Charger Board (SCB).

This firmware update is a maintenance release that fixes a bug whereby an error was reported erroneously. Affected units experience a red blinking light when charging. The light blinks 2 times every 5 seconds, indicating "HV output is out of range." This occurs even though there is nothing wrong with the battery.

If you have not experienced this bug, there is no need to update your SCB firmware.

If you are experiencing the above bug, please contact Segway Technical Support at to order the SCB Firmware Update Kit (P/N 24589-00001). The kit includes harnesses, fasteners, and instructions on how to update your firmware. The firmware release can be downloaded below.
SCB Firmware Release