Segway Robotic Mobile Platform 400: Our Most Powerful Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The Segway RMP 400 is our most powerful mobile robot platform. Powered by four lithium-ion battery packs and rolling on four ATV tires, the Segway RMP 400 is a mobile workhorse capable of carrying up to 400 lbs for long distances, over challenging terrain.

All Segway unmanned ground vehicles are designed for easy integration by scientists and engineers and are the ideal starting point for applications including research and development, industrial automation, security, and defense.

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These images were taken during the 2010 Robotics Rodeo at Ft. Benning.


RMP-450F Mobile Water Cannon Prototype

Compact and powerful, the RMP-450F prototype combines a Segway RMP400 mobile robot platform with a Unifire® Force50™ water cannon. The resulting remote-controlled firefighting vehicle promises to provide unmatched maneuverability, positioning, and control to tackle the most dangerous and long burning fires, while keeping firefighters out of harm’s way.

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University of Delaware using RMP 400 to map outdoor trails

The University of Delaware’s Dynamic Vision Lab is studying algorithms for finding and following trails with autonomous mobile robots. Check out the videos below of their RMP 400 “Warthog” robot.


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