Segway mobile robot platform demonstration video

Check out this video showing Segway’s RMP line of mobile robot platforms including 2WD balancing robots and all-terrain 4WD UGVs. Segway’s patented propulsion system technologies provide unmatched power and reliability to propel mobile robots.


Player Project setup for a Segway RMP


The Player Project (formerly the Player/Stage Project) creates free, open source robot control interface software that is widely used in robotics education and research.

Instructions on how to install and compile Player 2.1.x for a Segway RMP are available here, thanks to Régis Vincent at SRI International’s Artificial Intelligence Center.



Cornell Search-and-Rescue Robots to Compete Internationally

Segway based search-and-rescue robots from Cornell are semifinalists in the first Multi-Autonomous Ground-robotic International Challenge (MAGIC), co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Australian Defense Science and Technology Organization.

(Photo: Anne Ju/Cornell Chronicle)


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