Humanoid mobile robot “Cody” from Georgia Tech Robotics Lab

Georgia Tech’s Healthcare Robotics Lab built a new humanoid mobile robot named “Cody” using a Segway RMP 50 Omni mobile robot platform, 1-DoF vertical linear actuator, and a pair of 7-DoF Meka Arms with series elastic actuators. Watch the video below to view Cody in action.

GA Tech Cody Mobile Robot

SRI using Android phone to control an Omni-directional mobile robot

Our friends at SRI’s Artificial Intelligence Center are at it again and this time they’re driving an RMP 50 Omni mobile robot using an Android phone.  Check out the video below:


Video of an RMP Omni 50 in action at SRI

Here’s a video of an RMP 50 Omni being operated by a version of the Player robot interface software that was configured to control four wheels at SRI’s Artificial Intelligence Center


Player Project setup for a Segway RMP


The Player Project (formerly the Player/Stage Project) creates free, open source robot control interface software that is widely used in robotics education and research.

Instructions on how to install and compile Player 2.1.x for a Segway RMP are available here, thanks to Régis Vincent at SRI International’s Artificial Intelligence Center.



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