Segway RMP 3rd Party Add-ons

A robust and reliable mobile robot platform is just the beginning

We intentionally designed the Segway mobile robot interface to be as simple, straightforward, and low-level as possible, so you have the freedom to choose and integrate the best sensors, radios, PCs, vision systems, manipulators or other hardware for your specific application. Below are logos of robot hardware and software suppliers that have supported RMP customers in the past by providing technology to be integrated with the Segway mobile robots.

5D Robotics
KARTO Robotics Systems
Valde Systems
Burchfield Automation
DRS Technologies
TORC SafeStop

Please note: Segway Inc. does not resell products from theses suppliers.

Segway Inc. does not review or approve any 3rd party product.

Segway Inc. is not responsible for modifications or additions by end customers.

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