ARTI – Featured in Ground Combat Technology Magazine

Segway’s newest mobile robot prototype, ARTI, was featured in the December 2012 issue of Ground Combat Technology Magazine. Please click here to read the issue.

Segway’s ARTI is a functional prototype unmanned vehicle chassis that features articulated steering for exceptional off-road performance. Its potential applications as a mobile platform for robotic systems used by warfighters and leveraged for the ground combat market are wide reaching.

In an effort to further refine this proof-of-concept, which is sure to become a relevant component of powerful and efficient ground combat systems, Segway would like to collaborate with defense customers interested in using ARTI for our mutual mobile robotics research.


The ARTI platform leverages articulated steering and can accommodate the transportation of heavier payloads over more aggressive terrain. It utilizes a two degree of freedom joint to permit roll and yaw rotation. This flexibility enables the platform to quietly traverse challenging terrain while continually maintaining four points of contact with the ground.

The ARTI platform leverages Segway’s latest RMP Centralized Controller Architecture, which allows simple and intuitive communication with the platform over Ethernet, CAN or USB. System designers can set a variety of performance parameters including acceleration and deceleration rate limits, turning radius and top speed. An integrated auxiliary power module provides DC power for task specific sensors, radios and other equipment and payload items.

Segway Robotics – ARTI Prototype Specifications:

▪ Length: 53 inches
▪ Width: 33 inches
▪ Height: 23 inches
▪ Weight: 300 lbs.
▪ Ground Clearance: 11 inches
▪ Maximum All-Terrain Payload Capacity: 600 lbs. (targeted)
▪ Maximum Forward/Backward Speed: Up to 18 mph/ 8.0 m/s
▪ Turn Envelope: Features a 4.5 foot turning radius, which enables it to turn around in an area smaller than one lane of a standard road.
▪ Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion (LiFeP04)
▪ Run Time: Up to 20 hours in standby mode 

These specifications are preliminary and do not necessarily represent this prototype’s limitations.

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