GAVLAB – Autonomous mapping with an RMP 400

The GPS and Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory at Auburn University (GAVLAB) and the Army Corp of Engineers Huntsville Center developed an RMP 400 based mobile robot system capable of autonomously mapping a given field for the purpose of finding unexploded ordnance (UXO). A combination of GPS and INS are used for navigation, while the trailer carries two Geonics EM61-Mk2 metal detectors. The video below shows the robot in action at a range in the Great Salt Plains area of Oklahoma.


PERL Research – Remote injury estimation using an RMP 400

The Dynamic Injury Severity Estimation (DISE) system developed by PERL Research performs automated robotic triage, using intelligent software and sensors mounted on an RMP 400, to integrate a medic’s assessment with an artificial intelligence decision algorithm that remotely determines the status of an injured soldier.


Balancing “Segbot” in use at the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group

The Oxford Mobile Robotics Group (MRG) researches many aspects of mobile autonomy with an emphasis on perception and understanding large work spaces. To facilitate this work, the MRG developed an RMP based “Segbot” named “Lisa” that features two SICK LMS 291 laser scanners, a Ladybug camera, and a Bumblebee stereo camera.

Oxford Robotics Segbot

University of Delaware using RMP 400 to map outdoor trails

The University of Delaware’s Dynamic Vision Lab is studying algorithms for finding and following trails with autonomous mobile robots. Check out the videos below of their RMP 400 “Warthog” robot.


3D mapping research with an RMP at Bosch RTC

The Bosch Research and Technology Center (RTC) is using Willow Garage’s open source Robot Operating System (ROS) together with a Segway RMP to research robotic exploration, 3D mapping, and telepresence. Read more about this project at here


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