Mobile manipulation research with an RMP 400

Using an RMP 400 as a test bed, Idaho National Lab (INL) and the Robotics Research Group at the University of Texas at Austin (RRG) integrated INL’s modular control software, RIK (Robot Intelligence Kernel) with RRG’s manipulation control software framework, OSCAR (Operational Software Components for Advanced Robotics) to develop an improved interface for robotic operation and control of mobile manipulation. The resulting system improves operator effectiveness by supplementing teleoperated control with optional automation of tasks such as navigation and target acquisition.

Photo credit(s): RRG

(Photo: RRG)


University of Delaware Team Wins Awards at Robot Competition

Congrats to the “Warthog” team on winning the 2009 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) Autonomous Challenge AND placing third in the Navigation Challenge!

The “Warthog” robot is an RMP 400 equipped with a laser range finder, color camera, and differential global positioning system (GPS) that won “Rookie of the Year” in 2007 when the University of Delaware’s Dynamic Vision Lab first entered it in the IGVC.


NASA Robonaut developed using Segway RMP

NASA’s First-Gen Robonaut B‘s upper body was attached to a Segway Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP) so that it could be tested here on Earth.

Source: NASA/JSC


Video of an RMP Omni 50 in action at SRI

Here’s a video of an RMP 50 Omni being operated by a version of the Player robot interface software that was configured to control four wheels at SRI’s Artificial Intelligence Center


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