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Multiple Features & Benefits
Segway® Robotics Mobility Platforms (RMPs) are robust, reliable and offer the benefit of a straightforward, low-level design. This provides users the freedom to choose and integrate the best sensors, radios, PCs, vision systems, manipulators or other hardware for their specific applications.

Practical Performance
Segway RMPs — Workhorse units that are:

  • Based on the Segway PT's proven battery, gearbox, motor and powerbase designs
  • Compact, easy to transport and quick to deploy
  • Reliable, easy to operate and powered by lithium-ion battery packs
  • Configurable and scalable

Varied Applications
Our mobile robotics platforms are applied to a variety of markets segments including:

  • Research and development
  • Indoor/outdoor navigation and path planning
  • Industrial automation
  • Defense application

Proven Expertise
Segway is one of the world's leading developers of Robotics Mobility Platforms (RMPs). Its RMPs leverage the components and proprietary technology that has been deployed and tested in rugged environments across the globe as part of the durable Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

Deliberate Design & Customization
Segway's engineers lead the product development industry in the areas of drive-by-wire technology, advanced sensing systems, dynamic stabilization and smart battery management. Their expertise is demonstrated in the simple and straightforward design of robotics platforms, which boast unmatched versatility, durability and performance.

RMP platforms are available in a variety of 2, 3 and 4 wheel configurations. All feature a flexible and intuitive user interface developed with the knowledge that simple customization and rapid integration are key features that our customers demand. The available selection of standard options allows each RMP to meet the mobility demands of most unmanned ground vehicle applications. In order to meet the needs of customers that require delivery of complete turn-key systems, custom options and full integration services are available.

Open Architecture & Easy Integration
Segway's robust electric propulsion system coupled with a flexible user interface results in an open architecture platform. The platforms provide researchers, scientists and engineers the ability to easily integrate sensors,
manipulators, additional payloads and other third party equipment into or on top of the platform. Create advanced robotics solutions for research as well as commercial products with Segway RMPs.

RMP Omni

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